Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Focus Plumbing, we know that hiring a plumber can be confusing. You usually don’t know what you need until there is an emergency and you need it. We are striving to change that! Focus Plumbing’s goal is to be your LIFETIME PLUMBER, one that performs annual preventative maintenance, not one that just shows up when you’re knee deep in water. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers:

Why is there a $69 charge for a technician to come to my home?

We only charge $69 to customers who choose not to take advantage of the Diamond Lifetime Membership. Focus Plumbing is different from other companies. When we diagnose an issue, we look at your entire system first… We do it in writing and we give you options on how the repair fits your lifestyle and we dont pay commission to our technicians. Focus never wants you to be sold things you don’t need. We send a licensed Journeyman plumber to your home that is in a freshly pressed, clean shirt and has over 3000 parts neatly stored on our shining truck but only after he has been background checked and drug tested. Our biggest goal is to do a great job and ask you to become a Diamond Lifetime Member, so you never pay the $69 service charge. We guarantee to be there in 4 hours and we give you a 15% discount on all you buy. We warranty our work for THREE years and you get a lifetime warranty on all the fixtures we install! We also schedule a separate appointment and do a 300 point inspection that takes hours… and we tell you everything that is going on with your system and we make a plan together about how you replace that water heater five years from now and tell you what it will cost.​.​ Our goal is to eliminate you being surprised by costly plumbing repairs and flood damage. We all have to maintain our plumbing system and it is a lot cheaper if you let Focus maintain it properly versus just call a plumber everytime there is a problem. If you appreciate quality people, quality products, delivered by one of the most successful contractors in the business with the best warranties in the business… call Focus Plumbing… you will be glad you did.

Why don’t you quote prices over the phone or email?

Let’s say you are asking for a price on a water heater that we are going to install… standard water heater… here are a few of the things our tech will look at…before he quotes a price

  • Size of incoming water line
  • Size of water heater
  • If and when Has heater been serviced
  • Conditions of piping attached to water heater
  • Conditions of venting
  • Conditions of electrical
  • Sizing of gas line
  • Location of gas meter
  • Interior conditions of water heater stand
  • Condition/Access to heater
  • Recirc Pump, Existing or needed
  • Is there a water treatment system, exactly what type
  • What is the condition of fixtures that the hot water flows through, scale?
  • Age of water heater
  • Type of water heater
  • Model of water heater
  • Drip pan Inspection
  • Earthquake straps
  • Condition of connectors
  • Condition of T&P valve
  • Number of people in home
  • How many bathrooms
  • Do you have a big tub
  • Family plans expected for the next five years
  • Hot water needs and expectations
  • How quickly does hot water get to fixtures
  • What is the temperature of water at fixtures
  • What was thermostat set at on old water heater

As you can see, it would take hours to ask and answer all the questions needed to diagnose this simple plumbing issue. We don’t do pricing over the phone simply because it’s a guess, and Focus promises to never guess when it comes to pricing or your plumbing work.

Most plumbing companies simply don’t use pricebooks. The average technician decides what price your repair will be and most, get paid commission. The more you spend, the more they make. Focus Plumbers always have accurate pricing from our Straight Forward Pricing Guide and do not get paid commission. They get paid a little extra if you love our service and leave a review online.

Can I get a plumber to my home today and will it cost me more because it is after hours?

Yes, we are available 24/7, 365 days of the years for your plumbing emergencies and we don’t charge extra for emergencies. We also promise that if you become a Diamond Club Member you will have less emergencies and less anxiety as we will monitor your plumbing system and keep you aware of potential issues that cause these emergencies.

Why is it important to me that you have over 3,000 parts on your truck?

Plumbing is all about parts… and your time… No one wants to schedule multiple days off of work and/or wait for someone to drive all over town trying to find parts… and being prepared with parts and fixtures so we can help service our clients promptly may be the most important thing we do. We also have a fully stocked supply house at our 10 acre facility in the shadow of the Stratosphere. We take being the best very personal at Focus Plumbing and our parts, our trucks and our people are here to make sure your job goes a smoothly as it can and that you love trusting Focus Plumbing.

Does Focus Plumbing pay their plumbers commission?

How people get paid is what drives them. Every person I know loves and wants to buy things for their children. If my kids need a new pair of shoes and I can get extra money by charging you more… guess what… your bill is going to be higher. Focus Plumbing believes that if you really love our service and we are fair and always honest you will continue to be a loyal customer. Focus pays our people extra when you love your service, plumber and you leave a great review online. We also pay our people well to start with and we have excellent benefits. Focus believes a well taken care of employee takes greater care of customers. Our plumbers are Focused on making you enjoy the experience and receive value not on driving up the price of your repair for personal gain… it really matters.

Do you background check your technicians and what does that really mean?

Focus believes that someone coming into your home where you raise your family is should be of excellent character, trustworthy and honest… and we don’t just take their word for it. We trust our folks very much, we simply verify their history before we allow them to put on that sparkling Focus uniform and enter your home. We also drug test our technicians as well. Your safety and peace of mind is our goal and of course it works better for everyone when our employees are the best in the business. Focus where excellence is action, not just a promise.

What is the screening process for a plumber? Are you hiring?

We only dispatch state licensed Journeyperson plumbers and even helpers are enrolled in school and are in their later years of school. Yes our plumbers go to school for four years and have over 2000 hours working for a state licensed contractors. Then we train them more… we train them exactly what to do in your home, how to park. We train them on how to keep their 3000 parts organized on trucks… safety training… the screening process is rigorous and it sets our plumbers apart. We are always looking for great people… some are already licensed plumbers, some are brand new and we will put them in school. Thats right we pay for their school… so not only are we good to refer for plumbing work but if you know any folks in need of a great career… call Focus Plumbing or check out out the hiring tab on our website for more info!

I have very expensive flooring in my home and it is easily scratched. The last guy ruined a portion and it had to be replaced. Can you tell me how you’re different?

Focus has a unique product we haven’t seen anywhere else. We use mats specially designed to protect your flooring and countertops… as our tools are heavy as well. They’re not just thin paper but rubberized, shock proof mats that really protect and remember we have a special guarantee… if we don’t clean up our mess in your home you don’t pay for the service. Focus personifies careful! We also use booties and it is a requirement of our technicians to wear them. We make every effort to protect you and your home… that’s part of the Focus difference.

What is the Diamond Club Membership all about?

Like many successful companies we want to do more than just sell you things. We want to give you exactly what you need and we want to save you money. We also want to pay our people well so they will take great care of you. Then you will be Focused for Life and everybody wins… here’s how it works…

To do all these things we really need to know everything about your system and it takes a few hours to document all the information. We don’t charge for this annual inspection but being a member is just $14.95 a month and you never pay a service charge plus you get discounts and so much more…We take pictures of all the valves, log all the info on your fixtures and basically get a record of every part that requires maintenance. We gather the age of all the equipment and tell you when it will need attention. Let’s say you have a water heater that’s 2 yrs old. We tell you when we think it will go and tell you what we believe it will cost at that time… We pick out a brand and a replacement and the plan to replace BEFORE it goes bad… and when the heater does go out your not surprised with the price or the work and a maintained system is a lot less likely to flood your home. You won’t have who is in my home anxiety because you’ve met your plumber before and you know him and you trust him. It really is a great way to do business and people are joining our Diamond Club in record numbers because we all want value and to be treated well while we save time, money and aggravation with our plumbing systems! Diamond Clubs are every plumbing systems best friend!

Why do I need a water treatment system?

Because if you don’t filter your water … your body is the your water filter. Our tap water here in the Las Vegas Valley is great water but… it tastes horrible to me and and has some of the highest mineral content in the entire USA. Our water is very hard and eats away at our plumbing fixtures at a much higher rate than filtered water. Every need is different and there are many different types of water treatment systems and Focus Plumbing is an expert in water treatment and currently offers all the different types. We have the perfect system for you… and we are a phone call away… we recommend a consultation with a plumber in your home not a salesman in the store… we feel this method is best. Our people are experts at water treatment not sales and only want to provide you the perfect solution. We guarantee it! Fresh Clean Water is Focus Plumbing, it’s our battle cry and we look forward to hearing from you.