Green Screened

Focus Plumbing holds high the importance and responsibility of protecting our environment—that’s why we proudly wear the Green Screened mark.


Only one percent of North American contractors qualify for this. Those granted the mark vow to provide the best customer service, guarantees, and workmanship in the country.


We have made a commitment to educate homeowners on the importance of water conservation and quality, and how that can be achieved with a “green” plumbing system. Focus Plumbing provides free home conservation evaluations to determine the quality of your home’s water and the amount of water it’s potentially wasting each year. If your home is more than ten years old, you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water a year. Not only does that put a strain on the environment, it puts a strain on your pocket. We care about our environment, and we care about you, that’s why we wear the Green Screened mark. Call Focus Plumbing today at 800-362-8724 for a free home conservation evaluation.